We are a micro company from the Veneto region, established from the spirit of innovation by two brothers and partners; Omar is an electronic technician with years of experience in the field of industrial automation and Denis has a technical-commercial background, yet with a passion for IT.

Combining our skills has enabled us to grow, year after year, and in 2019 we reached the milestone of 20 years running our own business. The sector in which we operate in is mainly automation applied to production systems, covering activities ranging from the study of lay-outs, to the simulation of processes, right up to the development of software for both handling and supervision.

There are new projects either to be implemented or improved in the future regarding robotics and their development that have been under construction for a few years now; the integration of processes and the sharing of information by taking advantage of and using the technologies that the market offers us today, such as the Internet Of Things, Clouds, Business Intelligence, just to name a few, in what is now called digital transformation and innovation.

We firmly believe that a valid project always derives from the collaboration and open discussions between people; within this perspective we share our best practices with those of other collaborators, yet also, and above all, with students or newly graduated students.