AppWork-Supervisor is a project conceived and developed by our company.

Initially, there’s a configuration phase which defines the logical rules that can be associated with the article’s codes and variants (intended as properties). Should the client's management system starting base be neutral, the regulations applied in AppWork-Supervisor will be easier to implement.

Upon receiving a task/order, the rules defined above are applied to generate the processing data. A control phase is then implemented, through a graphical interface for immediate feedback of the end result and finally an exporting phase towards the machines of the part-programs, or rather programs of a disposablenature: a tailored part-program is elaborated and once the processing of this program is carried out, it is cancelled so as to avoid overloading of used memory. These programs are quite flexible and dynamic, so as to allow the user to carry out any operation he/she wishes.

The goals we intend to achieve are:

  •   decrease the product industrialization time
  • have greater flexibility in customizing products
  • decrease the quantity of processes managed as non-standard
  • decrease the number of registry codes, customization is carried out by the program
  • make companies less dependent on the staff working on the machines
  • place information in a single tool that is capable of distributing the information to N users