Development of Supervisors and PC applications

We develop supervision applications di impianti produttivi, ad esempio linee di assemblaggio componenti, imballaggio, stoccaggio a magazzino, anche con la presenza di navette e/o traslo, movimentazione tappeti e rulliere. Oltre alla supervisione abbiamo lavorato su progetti di altra natura, legati comunque alla produzione industriale. Uno di questi è AppWork-Supervisor, a tool capable of generating part-programs for operating machines. AppWork-Supervisor interfaces with the customer's management system in order to read the tasks/orders data and based on logical rules, it processes machine data (for example drilling machines).

We program PLCs in order to manage single operating machines, to move plants and controlled axes. The software can either be independent or interfaced with a supervisor on a PC.

Through the use of mainly Kuka and Motoman robots , we develop applications that handle palletizing, handling management, picking with fixed or mobile robots on shuttles, inserting accessories and glue on holes/channels of semi-finished products and furniture stapling. Furthermore, we’ve managed customized drilling machines and accessories assembly (for example hardware for frames, drawers and baskets).
We do our utmost in helping customers choose the most suitable IT tools for the office and production environment. We are experts in the main ERP software, graphic configurators and MES on the market, as well as the companies that developed them. We coordinate the integration of these applications. We provide advice in choosing new and used machinery and their optimal layout. We use cutting-edge work tools such as Autocad for lay-out design, 3DS Max for 3D modelling, rendering and animation.