Product industrialization

Una esigenza primaria che le aziende manifatturiere hanno è la seguente “la produzione non deve mai fermarsi”. Per raggiungere l’obiettivo un tassello fondamentale è per l’appunto l’industrializzazione del prodotto. Le fasi di sviluppo sono molteplici, partono con la progettazione per finire con la commercializzazione e l’assistenza post-vendita. La nostra consulenza e know-how riguarda Distinte Base e Cicli di Fabbricazione, Layout di Produzione, definizione metodi di lavoro in condivisione con la direzione di produzione, bilanciamento operatori di linea.

Productive system

The productive system is an organized collection of personnel, machines and methodologies required to carry out a series of specific actions aimed at creating a product. Primabase snc specializes in machine programming, however the extensive experience gained in the field has enabled us to understand how people working on machines are organized and which operating strategies are more convenient than others. It is a source of pride for us to provide automation and the assistance needed to make the best use of it.


We support our customers in making system choices and in purchasing or setting up the information system. We know how to evaluate the functionality of ERP management software and are capable of understanding whether it is suitable for the company’s present and future needs. This is no doubt a complex activity, given the multitude of products on the market, in a period in which the cost of added value (consisting of work and organization) is increasingly important in percentage terms as opposed to the cost of raw materials.